We are different

People come first

For entrepreneurs By entrepreneurs

We create successful entrepreneurs and companies. And, we have a lot of experience.  We train new entrepreneurs, help them develop solutions to interesting problems, launch their best ideas. We are a team of highly-educated, international, serial entrepreneurs and we mentor our teams to greatness.

Select People, Not Ideas

We don't choose ideas or companies; we choose great individuals.  We value diversity in age, nationality, gender, and industry—not only technology. By combining a wide range of people with the best practices in entrepreneurship, we create some truly amazing companies.  We focus for sustainability and fundamentals—we don't aim only for funding and exits.  We want you to control your destiny.

Everyone here has founded at least one successful company

The Cantillon was created for the entrepreneur—the founders and mentors are all serial entrepreneurs. We have founded multiple companies. We have advanced degrees from top schools. We taught ourselves through success, through failure, and through academic research. We know how to build great companies. We want you to join us, become a great entrepreneur, and create an awesome company. Together we can make dreams come true and change the world.
— Mike Van Cleave, Co Founder

Great startups

Great startups are hard to define, but easy to identify.   They combine top people, innovative ideas, and hard work to solve problems.  They are profitable, sexy, sustainable, exciting, and challenging.  Apple, Hermes, Prescription Cocktail Club, Rivendale Bicycles, and Michel & Augustin are all great.


We  recruit the best talent from around the world.   We care that you have what it takes.  We select all ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, and ages. While we like people with good educations, diplomas don't build success; hard work and vision do.  If you think different and work hard, we want to meet you.

Learning by doing

To create a successful business, you must know a lot.   And while you can’t learn everything you need to know from a book, you can learn a lot from books.  So, we teach top theory, but we practice best reality.  Turns out, reality and theory are different in practice.

Team before ideas

We have never met an idea that changed anything.  But, we know plenty of people who have. We choose people first and then brainstorm. 

Greatness requires bringing people together. So, we focus on building strong teams.  Because great teams always come up with great ideas.  

Customers next

Customers buy solutions to their problems. Valuable innovations solve real problems.  If your innovation can't find a customer, it may not actually address a need.  We focus on solving problems for customer. Because, once you have customers, everything else—including fundraising—is easy.

Not only technology

We love technology as much as the next person.  But "startup" has started to mean a tech company. For us, any company that is starting, is a startup.  Some of our most admired entrepreneurs have never worked a day in technology.  We love art, fashion, service and hospitality.  Anything that is great, we want to help start.