What’s the Big Deal about Big Data?

The amount of data in our world has been exploding. 90% of the data has been created less than 2 years ago. This explosion of information is known as “Big Data” and it is completely transforming the world we live in. Analyzing these large data sets will become more and more a competitive advantage and will allow us to unlock new waves of productivity growth and innovation.


Leaders in every sector will have to face with the implications of Big Data, not just a few data-oriented managers. The increasing volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things will cause exponential growth in data in the foreseeable future.


But Big Data is only a piece of the data cake. As of today, the majority of companies do not have Big Data issues, they simply have data they would like to create value out of. As Nate Silver puts it in his excellent book "The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail—but Some Don’t":


"Every day, three times per second, we produce the equivalent of the amount of data that the Library of Congress has in its entire print collection, right? But most of it is like cat videos on YouTube or 13-year-olds exchanging text messages about the next Twilight movie."


In order to help companies in this huge challenge, we decided to create Datasama, a modern service that will help them find and hire top-notch Data Scientists. As data experts ourselves, we are the best to know the skills (and therefore the people) required to face these challenges. 


You can check out our services here: www.datasama.com


We are proud and happy to be guided in our process by The Cantillon. They have created a perfectly suited program which is half a school, half an accelerator. During the first phase (Crucible), you get to learn all the pieces of entrepreneurship in a very intense way (8 days!). The aim of the second phase (Collider) is to get you from the idea to your first customer. It is both ambitious and challenging, that is why it was so appealing to us. During that stage, The Cantillon team and mentors encourage -read force- you to go out and meet people/customers. When you are done, you go meet people/customers again. And again...


By going out of your comfort zone, you get direct feedback from people, prospects and soon to be customers. It broadens your horizon but also lets you know what the market pains are and helps you create a tailor-made solution, which might be different from the solution you imagined in your bed. 


Overall, it helps you minimize the risk of failure by ensuring product market fit. This, plus the great support from mentors and the other entrepreneurs make the experience a wonderful kick-off for people strongly motivated to fulfill their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.


Cheers to all the members of The Cantillon,


The Datasama team