Our company is called Dear Muesli, we are an awesome startup that provides the best muesli recipes allowing people to create their own and unique mix. You can check us out here : www.dearmuesli.com

What is amazing about The Cantillon is that the mentors challenge you at all times. They know what they're talking about, and they give tangible examples, out of their own experiences.

The most important thing we have learned during The Crucible (first and most intense phase of the program), is to confront your idea with your targeted customers before going further. For example, the mentors are the ones who motivated us to create an MVP (minimum viable product) to test on the market and to have immediate feed-back. It helped us identify what people like and what they prefer.

The mentors also provide us with great tools to understand our customer better.

  • Meeting with the targeted customers and asking about their pain during the interviews
  • Spending time with the targeted customer and observe their consumption habits
  • Taking notes
  • Submitting a solution to cure their pain

The Cantillon is about validating your hypothesis before creating the product. It saves time and money. It's an extremely time-consuming process but it's also what can decide the fate of your company ! We are wrong until we get it right !

Greeting to all the mentors,

The Muesli Boys