Every week The Cantillon will be introducing one of our entrepreneurs' companies. This week we are welcoming Opium Art. 

Opium Art 

Artists have a lot to offer, but they need help in their communication. That's why we created Opium-Art and our 3D Virtual Art gallery that you may discover in our video.

Our product allows artists to present their artworks in a three dimensional, virtual environment. All they need to know about art is how to share it; we do the rest.

We offer three services : 

  • A virtual gallery: Artists can choose between three standard environments and a virtual exhibition of their artwork
  • Virtual exhibition spaces: Institutions can exhibit their talents. Our solution works for institutions, corporations, and local administration.  We help promote local artists.
  • Many many more: Professional art workers - museums, galleries, and dealers : The possibilities for digital, virtual, and offline interaction are too many to describe, and we are hard at work exploring them all.

While we started before joining, The Cantillon gave us the opportunity
to meet new people and other entrepreneurs.  The creation of Opium-Artand the association with my co-founder happened thanks to TheCantillon crucible process. Creating a startup is a very stressful job because of the unknown future, but being supported by experienced entrepreneurs is extremely helpful

More information is available on our website : http://www.opium-art.com