The Crucible in Dubai

3 days in Dubai to stress test your startup idea

The Crucible in Dubai

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The Crucible in Dubai


3 days in Dubai to stress test your startup idea



Stress test your idea in just one weekend. With over thirty hours of coaching, mentoring, workshops, we put a week's worth of work in a weekend. It combines leading entrepreneurial practices, the best academic theory, and practical tools to plan and pitch a business. It is a complete brain dump & share of everything that we know about how to get started. 

You will validate more your idea in 72 hours than in months of trial and error on your own.

We cover all the ways that we use to identify customers, assess their needs, design a solution, estimate the market, set a price, build a forecast. And we are going to mentor you to build a stellar offer that customers want to buy. You will get up to speed with the state of the art entrepreneurial and business knowledge, and get a whole new perspective about you, entrepreneurship, life, the world around you.

It is a grueling and rigorous three days. be prepared for long hours and a lot of thinking. It's worth it.


  • Validate your "idea"
  • Be challenged across 23 rigourous steps and 240 questions framework
  • Be given a cutting edge set of entrepreneurial business modeling tools
  • Understand where you take risk, and how to mitigate them
  • Make crucial improvements in both the way you think, and your start-up's business model
  • Understand how to think like an entrepreneur
  • Create a vision for success
  • Craft a pitch message and test it in front of investors
  • Know if your idea can "fly"


DAY 1:  9H00 - 18H00 

• Pitching
• Vision
• Customer
• Problem
• Solution

DAY 2: 9H00 - 18H00

• Go to Market
• Competition
• Secret Sauce
• Business Model
• Cashflow

DAY 3 : 9H00 - 18H00

• Financing the Business
• Pitch Lab
• Presentation to Investors


Price is 1080€ TTC Per person.  


Detailed Information Emailed After Registration


Send email to with the subject "registration help" and we will get back to you within 10h.