Selection process

We don't choose ideas or companies, we choose great individuals.



The Cantillon is serious about entrepreneurship and we are looking for the best people. 

To apply for the The Cantillon program you don't need to provide an idea. 


Graduating from The Cantillon is a challenge. To do it, your team has first to pass the admission test, and be accepted to the program. Less than 20% of the applicants manage to do it: we want you to be surrounded by like-minded extremely motivated peers. 

Graduation comes at the conclusion of the three months program with a revenue making company, a strategy to grow validated by experienced mentors, and the crucial skills required to be a successful leader. You will be ready to pitch to customer or investor, and you will have a strong network to grow your business. The Cantillon program equips you with the entrepreneurial skills necessary to launch any business in your future career.


  1. You and your team complete our online entrepreneurial potential assessment test and complete the essays. 
  2. An email notification from the Admissions Office will be sent to you within a few days of submitting your application
  3. After a first review, you will be informed whether you have been selected to interview. 
  4. Skype interview with your Admission Officer.
  5. The Admissions Committee meets twice per month, and review applications.
  6. Upon acceptance, you will receive a formal acceptance notification
  7. You will send us back the signed agreement 
  8. You will send us the payment for the first installment. 

The entire admissions process (from time of application) will take up to 3 weeks.